2.99 crore people joined. You are not? Join today.

Association of mutual funds published that Indian Mutual Funds have currently about 2.52 crore (25.2 million) SIP accounts through which investors regularly invest in Indian Mutual Fund schemes.  Mutual funds industry is growing rapidly in india.  People realized the mutual fund investment provides best return in long term compare to other saving investment.

Understanding mutual funds is simple and easy.

Mutual funds can be used to build lump sum by investing monthly minimum of 100 rupees in SIP.  Follow the below steps to start your mutual fund journey.

1). Learn investments in India.
2). What is mutual funds.
3). Why mutual funds in best investment in India.
4). How to start mutual funds in India.
5). Analyse mutual funds in India.

Document required for mutual fund account : PAN card and address proof.

Login to any one of mutual fund aggregator platform and contact the support team for clarification. Opening mutual funds account is simpler than opening facebook account. It can be done in 5 min. You can start mutual funds with monthly 100 rupees in SIP. In longer term, mutual funds provide returns better than inflation. Earning more than inflation is first step in your financial planning.

It would take just 2 hours to understand the mutual funds investment.

People consider insurance and fixed deposit as investment.  That is saving instrument and not an investment.  That is reason 35 crores people has insurance plan and only 2 crore people invest in mutual funds. 2 crore people invested in mutual funds as on November 30, 2018 stood at ₹24,03,134 crore(24 lakhs crores).

Snippets from the AMFI presentation:

No. of people having Bank Account: 75 crores
No. of people having Insurance: 35 crores
No. of people having Permanent Account Number: 29 crores
No. of Mutual Fund accounts: 6.6 crores
No. of unique Mutual Fund investors: 2 crores

Mutual funds is well regulated investment in India.

Mutual funds are regulated by Association of mutual funds in india. Mutual funds provides higher return compare to other investment. Start your mutual fund investment today and join 2.99 club. Start your SIP today by monthly 100 rupees in mutual funds. Happy Investing:)

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