Get Rich by Invest in Mutual Ffund

Get Rich by Invest in mutual fund


2.99 crore people joined. You are not? Join today.


Association of mutual funds published that Indian Mutual Funds have currently about 2.52 crore (25.2 million) SIP accounts through which investors regularly invest in Indian Mutual Fund schemes.  Mutual funds industry is growing rapidly in india.  People realized the mutual fund investment provides best return in long term compare to other saving investment. Understanding mutual funds is simple...

Become Crorepati in 10 Years : Mutual Funds


Everyone wants to become rich and enjoy financial independence . But we are not clear about the way to reach the crorepati club. Monthly investment of 30,000 rupees for 10 years in mutual fund SIP would place you in crorepati club. Let us discuss how to invest the 30,000 rupees in SIP investment. Diversify the investment by investing in multi-cap, mid-cap, small-cap and large-cap mutual funds. 1)...

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