Manage all Your mutual funds in one account. MF Aggregator Platforms

Mutual funds are being provided by multiple AMC such as ICICI mutual fund, HDFC mutual fund, SBI mutual funds, DSP blackrock mutual funds and Aditya birla mutual funds. There is few more mutual fund providers.  It is not required to open account in each mutual fund provider separately.  We can open account in only one mutual fund aggregator platform and manage all the funds in one account.

Mutual Fund aggregator Platforms:

Mutual funds aggregator platform is one stop solution for mutual funds investment. We can open account in one of aggregator and invest in all the mutual fund from all the AMC in single account. It is easy to manage and track the mutual funds investment.  Open mutual fund account made simple and easy. Here we listed top 6 mutual fund aggregators for your reference.

PaisaBazaar  : Online platform is 100% free
Kuvera : Online platform is 100% free
Zerodha Coin  : Charge INR 50 per month once the investment value in your direct mutual fund portfolio crosses INR 25,000
PayTM Money  : 100% free and currently offers support for 25+ AMCs, constituting more than 90% of industry AUM
Groww  : 100% free for mutual fund investment.
ClearFunds  : 100 % free mutual fund aggregator platform.

To invest in mutual funds from any AMC, just open one account in any one of the aggregator and start invest on respective mutual funds.

One account to manage all the mutual funds. Simple and easy.

This post, we discussed on different between direct and regular mutual funds.  Advantage of selecting direct mutual fund over regular mutual funds. Always select direct mutual funds to get better returns. Open account in mutual fund aggregator platform, to manage the funds in one portal. Happy Investing:)


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