How to Start a Mutual Fund


At age of 27, why fear to manage 7 mutual funds? It is easy…!!!


Mutual funds are best investment in india.  It is easy to start mutual funds investment.  Analyse the mutual funds are easy with the help of source from the internet and attributes of mutual funds. Let us see why mutual funds considered best investment, Experience of fund manager and Diversification of investment.: Each mutual fund is managed by experienced fund manager.   Fund manager selects...

First step to start your mutual fund investment. KYC


know-your-client (KYC) norms have been made mandatory for everyone who wishes to invest in mutual fund.   Investors need to submit their KYC acknowledgement along with investment form.   Know your client (KYC) verification is a mandatory requirement for mutual fund investments in India.  KYC essentially is a record of the investor’s identity and address.  If you are new to mutual funds, you must...

First goal to accomplish in 2019. Start mutual fund with monthly 100 rupees.


SIPs are Systematic Investment Plans where money is deducted from your bank account and invested automatically.  With an SIP, you’re able to purchase fund units at different levels of the market. To start invest in mutual funds in SIP, open saving account in one of the bank, get cheque book for the account and internet banking for the account.  To open account and get cheque book it would take...

No savings at 30. Start today by monthly 100 rupees in mutual funds.


No savings yet..  Mutual funds investment is best and right for you now. Mutual funds provide option to start monthly investment by SIP. Investor can invest 100 rupees per month in mutual funds. Reliance introduces mutual funds with monthly 100 rupees.”This move is aimed at helping more and more people access the benefits of mutual funds while reducing the entry barrier...

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