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Don’t buy Bike cum Tractor (Insurance cum Investment). Avoid ULIP.


Just imagine new vehicle introduced in india with the features of both Bike and Tractor in one vehicle.  We can use the vehicle for personal travel and to transport the heavy load.  That would increase unnecessary fuel consumption if we use it for personal travel due to engine power.  If we want to use for heavy load, it may not be fit for heavy load as it designed to work like bike. So the...

Select Right Term Insurance for Your Family


We discussed the importance of term insurance in the previous post. But time to discuss on how to select term insurance, sum assured and add-on with the term insurance. Selecting the Right Term Insurance for Your Family is important in personal finance planning. 1). Decide on sum assured: Term insurance for your family and your kid’s education. So select sum assured based on your...

Do not be stupid. 21 Lakhs and 1.35 Crores are not equal


Indian investors gives more preference to LIC or ULIP insurance plans. They think it is safe and government handles their money. But it is not efficient way of securing your family expenses and risk cover. There is better alternative to LIC insurance plan or ULIP linked insurance plans. Smart alternative is Term insurance and Mutual funds. Plan your risk cover and long term investment with mutual...

Term Insurance : Ensure Financial Security for your family by 1000 Rupees/Month.


Term insurance are typically lowest premium insurance plans that provide full protection and financial stability to your family in case of any unforeseen events.   A term insurance plan is the simplest form of financial protection that can help your family meet its financial needs in your absence.   In case of death of the insured individual during the policy term, insured amount would be given...

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