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Stock Market + Experience + Low Risk + Simple = Equity mutual funds


Mutual funds is Money pooled from various individuals (investors) Well-regulated (by SEBI) Invest in multiple portfolio by single fund Experience & Professionally Managed Higher returns than Fixed deposit, insurance and PPF Allows to invest in small amounts. Can be started with 500 rupees monthly. Equity Mutual Funds: Equity mutual funds are Mutual Funds that Invest primarily in Stocks of...

No savings at 30. Start today by monthly 100 rupees in mutual funds.


No savings yet..  Mutual funds investment is best and right for you now. Mutual funds provide option to start monthly investment by SIP. Investor can invest 100 rupees per month in mutual funds. Reliance introduces mutual funds with monthly 100 rupees.”This move is aimed at helping more and more people access the benefits of mutual funds while reducing the entry barrier...

Your Salary is not worth if you don’t.


Getting salary or earning money is not worth if you do not invest or save the money.   Invested money is real money earned. Investment provides real value for your salary.  There is no reason to delay the investment.  Investment can be started with 500 rupees monthly in mutual fund SIP.  Do not look for best time to start your investment.  You can start investment now, no second thought to it...

Is Stock Market right for you?


Different options available for investments in india. Each one’s goal is different and their financial status is different. There is no common or one investment for all. But there are investment for everyone of us. Stock Market : Investing in stock market is a best investment in India. But the problem is we have to spend more time to understand and follow in stock market. It is really simple if...

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