Most searched funds in SBI mutual funds

SBI mutual funds offers more than 200 mutual funds in different category such as equity, debt and sectoral funds.  Here we would see the top 4 equity funds searched in SBI mutual funds.   Equity mutual funds provide better returns in long term.   Equity mutual funds are best fit for investment time horizon is more than 3 years.   In this post, we would discuss most searched mutual funds which are offered by SBI.

SBI BlueChip Funds:

SBI Bluechip fund invest in large cap companies in banking, software,  pharmaceuticals and Engineering companies.  The fund invests money in HDFC Bank, L & T, ICICI bank, SBI, Infosys and many more in these sectors.  This fund help to build long term growth in investment. As of today, 3 year return for the fund is (10.45%).  Bluechip funds are good for 3-5 years investment.  Bluechip funds are good for financial goals to accumulate money to buy a car, buy a home and financial goals with 5 years time horizon.

BlueChip funds for 3 – 5 years of investment
SBI Small Cap Fund:

SBI small cap fund invests in small cap companies in consumer food, cement , personal care and banking companies. The fund invests money in HDFC Bank, JK cement, TNPL paper, BHEL, Marco ltd and many more in these sectors. This fund help to build long term growth in investment and predominantly in a well diversified basket of equity stocks of small cap companies. As of today, 3 year return for the fund is (14.25%). The smallcap fund provides good returns in longer term from 5 – 10 years of investment. Small Cap funds is good instrument to build retirement corpus or money to accumulate for kids higher education.

SBI small cap funds for investment is more than 5 years.
SBI Equity Hybrid Fund:

SBI equity hybrid fund invests in debt and equity instrument.  The fund invests money in banks, finance, software and marketing companies. This fund invested in HDFC Bank, SBI, Bharat Petroleum, Infosys and many more in the equity instrument. This fund is good for long term investment from 3 – 10 years of investment.  As of today, 3 years return for the fund is 11.4%.

SBI Equity Hybrid fund for better returns by diversify investment in debt and equity market both.

SBI provide sectoral mutual funds for better returns. SBI banking and financial services growth direct plan invests money in banking and financial services. Since it invests in particular sector, any change in banking policy or financial market change, it would impact the funds aggressively. So sectoral funds provide better returns and meantime the funds is more volatile.  3 years returns of this fund is 24% based on past history.  This fund majorly invested in HDFC bank, ICICI bank, SBI, Bandhan bank, Bajaj Finance and other financial service companies. Sectoral funds provides better returns in long term such as more than 5 years. Invest in sectoral funds for longer term and keep watching fund returns at least 3 months once.

SBI Sector funds to build corpus in  longer term.  It is more volatile based on market and policy change.  Give better returns in longer term.

Select the fund based on your investment objective and goals. Start the mutual fund investment by monthly 500 rupees using SIP. Contact SBI mutual fund customer care or mutual funds aggregator platform to start mutual funds. Happy Investing.:)

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