Why gold is good investment in india. Buy Gold.

Gold is a precious high-value metal that is liquid in nature. Buying gold is good investment in india.  Every year, Gold consumption increases in india.  Gold price increases day-by-day in india.  Gold is investment and usable property.  Like buying a home, it is dual purpose of investments and utilization. Gold investment can be start with minimum 20,000 rupees.  Gold investment can help in case of emergency.  Gold loans are easy to get with minimum interest rate.  Buy physical gold, in the form of coins, bullions, artifacts or jewellery.

Let us compare the 10 gms gold price in india and how it grows based on data.

1980   :      Rs. 1,330.00
1990   :      Rs. 3,200.00
2000  :      Rs. 4,400.00
2010   :      Rs. 18,500.00
2019   :       Rs. 33,000.00

Based on india’s inflation rate 1330 rupees in 1980 equals to 22,500 in 2019. But gold value increased to 33,000 rupees. It provided returns better than inflation rate.

Gold investment provides returns better than inflation rate.
  • Gold Investment can be started with minimum of 20000 rupees.
  • Gold loans are easy to get with minimum interest rate.
  • Gold is investment as well as usable property.
  • Gold is safest investment for people who not look for better returns.
  • Return from gold is not taxable as it grows as property.
  • Gold can be invested for longer term.
  • Gold can be best investment for your children’s future.
  • Gold can be converted as cash anytime in case of emergency.
  • Gold investment is worthwhile because it is an inflation-beating investment. Over a period of time, the return on gold investment is in line with the rate of inflation.

There is another way to invest in gold, Gold Funds. Gold Funds involve making an investment in companies engaged in gold mining.

Gold Funds :

Gold funds invest in gold mining companies. The investment in gold funds increases based on gold price. We can start invest in gold mutual funds by SIP with monthly 500 rupees. It is cheaper to start. It is easy to start for all the indian.

  • Easy to start.
  • Cheaper to begin with monthly 500 rupees.
  • It is safe from theft or burglary associated with storing physical gold.
  • Best suited for investors who expect high returns taking calculated risks.
  • Gold mutual funds are managed by experts to create wealth and reduce risk.
  • Investment in mutual funds can be done with safe and secure methods.
  • Mutual fund investment is affordable and flexible. One can begin investments from Rs 1000

Some of the top gold funds in India have been given below:

On final note, physical gold or gold mutual funds are better investment instrument in india. Start your gold investment by buying gold or invest in gold mutual funds companies to get better returns.

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