January 2019


Most searched funds in SBI mutual funds


SBI mutual funds offers more than 200 mutual funds in different category such as equity, debt and sectoral funds.  Here we would see the top 4 equity funds searched in SBI mutual funds.   Equity mutual funds provide better returns in long term.   Equity mutual funds are best fit for investment time horizon is more than 3 years.   In this post, we would discuss most searched mutual funds which are...

Do not celebrate your 5% SALARY hike. It is not a hike,it is loss.


What is inflation to us and how it impacts your salary hike.  Let us take an simple milk price example. In 2009, you kept 20 rupees in the small pouch of your shopping bag to buy one liter milk. You did not buy a milk and forgot to take out the 20 rupees in that small pouch. In 2019, you see that shopping bag accidently and see that 20 rupees kept in the small pouch. Now go to market and ask 1...

Do you know? India’s Financial literacy rate is just 24%


India has 17.5% of the world’s population but nearly 76% of its adult population does not understand even the basic financial concepts.  Why financial concepts are important to know?  Understanding financial concepts is important in building wealth and manage the money.  Financial literacy and financial stability are two key aspects of an efficient economy. Financial literacy enhances...

Stock Market + Experience + Low Risk + Simple = Equity mutual funds


Mutual funds is Money pooled from various individuals (investors) Well-regulated (by SEBI) Invest in multiple portfolio by single fund Experience & Professionally Managed Higher returns than Fixed deposit, insurance and PPF Allows to invest in small amounts. Can be started with 500 rupees monthly. Equity Mutual Funds: Equity mutual funds are Mutual Funds that Invest primarily in Stocks of...

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