ultra short debt fund


Investment vs Fixed Deposit. Please don’t follow your grandfather’s investment strategy.


Earlier days, People would keep money in saving account.  If they have  lumpsum and want returns from that lumpsum, they would deposit then money in fixed deposit. Fixed deposit returns are 5.50 to 7.00% (annually) vary based on bank.  It is all fine for 1980.  1980, people want to keep the money in safest deposit and financial knowledge is not like today. But in 21 century, India developed in...

Think of Your Situation if Credit Card doesn’t work @ hospital. Keep Emergency Fund Always.


In personal finance, retirement planning and investment are for planned goals and expenses.  Investment for long term goal planning and grows by power of compounding.  But in the event of unexpected job loss or if there is a sudden medical emergency, disturbing investment is not an best option.  So we have to allocate money as emergency fund to manage unexpected circumstances. So Emergency fund...

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