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Is Stock Market right for you?


Different options available for investments in india. Each one’s goal is different and their financial status is different. There is no common or one investment for all. But there are investment for everyone of us. Stock Market : Investing in stock market is a best investment in India. But the problem is we have to spend more time to understand and follow in stock market. It is really simple if...

Imposing LTCG Tax is right for India?


In 2018 budget, indian finance minister announced Long Term Capital Gain(LTCG) Tax.  It is not new to indian market, it was there till 2004 and reintroduced again in 2018. Let us discuss first what is LTCG Tax. LTCG tax is tax on profit we earn from stock market or mutual funds. The investment is more than 1 year, the earning from equity mutual fund is not taxable till March 2018.   From 2018...

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