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Why you are not Rich Yet? Middle Class to Rich.


In India, middle class people and working professional thinks that PPF and fixed deposit is best and risk free investment.  These highly recommended investments return 9% per annum.  But the worst part of this story is the same category of people use credit card which is 30 – 45% interest per annum or personal loan which is 12- 24 % interest per annum.  This post we would discuss on...

Scale to measure your financial history. CIBIL Score and You


Before offer you loan or credit card, Bank should know about your financial history and credit worthiness.  CIBIL helps banks to measure the individual’s capability and probability of repaying the loan. CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) is Credit Information Company (CIC) that provides credit related services to its members nationwide. CIBIL has been collecting and...

To become Rich, Shield you from Credit card Traps. Managing the Credit Cards.


We discussed on what is credit card, credit card benefits and credit card traps in the previous posts. Everyone understands that credit card in unavoidable and in I manndia 5 crore people hold at least one credit card.  Let us use the credit card responsibly and avoid credit card traps. Here we would discuss managing the credit cards, how to handle credit card and manage the credit card debt...

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