mutual fund investment


Saving money for school fees or mobile phone? It is short term investments.


Most of the time, indian people are not clear on proper investment tool for financial goals. They select wrong investment option such as Investing in stock or equity mutual fund for short term investments (or) FD for 10 years.  Fixed deposit is not an investment tool for 10 years investment.  Money would grow slowly in fixed deposit against inflation.  So deciding better investment tool is more...

Why Mutual Fund Investment is Best in India


Why Mutual fund Investment is Best in India: Mutual fund is a simple, tax efficient and effective tool to invest for your goals. Mutual fund investment are monitored by fund managers, it is diversified, simple to start, easy to get money by selling mutual fund units ,tax saving ELSS fund, Tax free returns from equity mutual funds and monitored by SEBI. Everywhere mutual fund ads shows disclaimer...

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