Loan types in india and interest rates


In India, we can avail loan from financial institution to buy car, home.  Loan are classified as two categories. Secure loan and unsecured loan. Secure loan are loan against  property and interest in less compare to unsecure loan.  This post we would discuss on different loan types and interest rates. HOME LOAN: If you are looking money to buy a home or home renovation , avail loan in home loan...

Why you are not Rich Yet? Middle Class to Rich.


In India, middle class people and working professional thinks that PPF and fixed deposit is best and risk free investment.  These highly recommended investments return 9% per annum.  But the worst part of this story is the same category of people use credit card which is 30 – 45% interest per annum or personal loan which is 12- 24 % interest per annum.  This post we would discuss on...

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