Fixed deposit


Student Credit Cards in India


Financial institutions and banks offer credit card for students. To get student credit cards, student must maintain fixed deposit or wealthy saving account with the bank. Students may not have source income or Income tax return submission. Credit card would help them to buy books and lab equipments. Credit card would greatly support student to buy laptop in interest free EMI offers. Student can...

Self employed or Small Business owner? Credit Cards for you without salary slip.


Financial institutions and banks offer credit card for working professional. The basic documentation required for credit card is monthly salary slip or income tax statement.  But self employed or small business owner may require credit card to expand their business. Moreover Credit card provides cash back, rewards and EMI offers for online shopping.  They may not able to get credit card without...

Investment vs Fixed Deposit. Please don’t follow your grandfather’s investment strategy.


Earlier days, People would keep money in saving account.  If they have  lumpsum and want returns from that lumpsum, they would deposit then money in fixed deposit. Fixed deposit returns are 5.50 to 7.00% (annually) vary based on bank.  It is all fine for 1980.  1980, people want to keep the money in safest deposit and financial knowledge is not like today. But in 21 century, India developed in...

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