Financial planning


Investment is no more of choice. Now It is compulsory for everyone.


Few years back, investment is not so much important as now. Why you may also think why it is high important now even your father or grandfather not followed all the investment principles. Why stress on investment now?  Effort to create awareness of investment to everyone. New investment avenues started such as mutual funds,stocks, Gold, real estate, FD and RD. Why all these investments avenues...

Traditional life insurance(LIC) is a Risk Cover, Not an investment.


We could see many Indians take life insurance(LIC) and decides that it is an investment. Investment means money grows by investing.  In LIC, money  is growing 4-5% annualized interest. It is less that fixed deposit. We agree that life insurance provides risk cover for the loved one or protection plan for family. But do not ever consider that as investment and do not pay huge monthly premium on...

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