debt mutual funds


Debt MF is better than FD if your monthly salary is less than 50 thousands


Debt mutual funds invest in bonds of companies who need funds for business as a loan or invest in securities issued by the Government.  Debt MF’s return predetermined interest rate which the mutual fund earns and then passes on to the investors either through dividends or by way of growth in the value of the investment. Debt mutual funds is good to keep your emergency funds.  Investors who...

Invest for longer duration to less tax on Mutual funds gain.


In India,  we have to pay tax for profits and other earnings such as house rent or gain on stocks.  The same applicable for mutual funds as well.   We have to pay tax for mutual fund earnings.  In this post, we would discuss on tax on mutual funds earning and how to minimize that by investing in mutual funds for more than 3 years.  Tax on mutual funds calculated based on investment term on mutual...

Do you know Fixed Deposit is not only option, Try Debt Mutual funds


To make investment and fund objective simpler, SEBI has defined criteria for each fund and group the funds based on the strategy and investment duration.  Previous post, we discussed about equity mutual funds.  In this post, we would discuss newly updated debt and hybrid mutual funds categories and it objectives. Debt Mutual funds : SEBI has classified debt funds based on strategy and time...

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