credit card traps


To become Rich, Shield you from Credit card Traps. Managing the Credit Cards.


We discussed on what is credit card, credit card benefits and credit card traps in the previous posts. Everyone understands that credit card in unavoidable and in I manndia 5 crore people hold at least one credit card.  Let us use the credit card responsibly and avoid credit card traps. Here we would discuss managing the credit cards, how to handle credit card and manage the credit card debt...

Banks are smarter than you. Credit Card is 36% interest. Credit card Traps.


In the earlier discussion, we have discussed the benefits of credit card and explained the advantages of having credit card. But you look at credit card benefits and do not see credit card traps,  you may fall into credit card traps. But nearly 80% credit card holders fall into the credit card trap. Credit Score, bonus points , cash back , 30- 60 days no interest all are fine. But have you ever...

Think of Your Situation if Credit Card doesn’t work @ hospital. Keep Emergency Fund Always.


In personal finance, retirement planning and investment are for planned goals and expenses.  Investment for long term goal planning and grows by power of compounding.  But in the event of unexpected job loss or if there is a sudden medical emergency, disturbing investment is not an best option.  So we have to allocate money as emergency fund to manage unexpected circumstances. So Emergency fund...

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