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4% discount on Diesel, Petrol in India. IndianOil Citi Credit Cards


IndianOil citi credit cards provide best offer on fuel purchases. It gives approximately 4% saving on fuel purchases in IndianOil outlets. Fuel prices are increasing day by day. Common man suffers by fuel price hike. Proper selection of credit card for fuel purchase would give more value to money. Let us explore on citibank credit card for fuel. INDIANOIL CITI PLATINUM CREDIT CARD: IndianOil citi...

Save Money by Selecting Right Credit Card for You.


In India, most of the financial institutions(including banks) offer credit cards to their customers. On top view, it seems that all the credit cards are same. But it is far from truth. Every credit card is introduced with purpose for specific group of customer such as movie lovers, salaried persons, frequent travelers, online shoppers.  We have to select right credit card for our spending pattern...

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