Personal Finance& Mutual Fund Queries

Personal Finance & Mutual Fund Queries


Questions to ask before applying for personal loan


Personal loan is unsecured loan from bank and financial institution. Personal loan can be availed by submitting the document for KYC and monthly income statement.  Personal loan is popular loan in india.  Because it is easy to get with minimal documentation.  Loan tenure from 12 to 60 months with interest of 11% to 24% interest per annum.  SBI, HDFC, Citi bank, Axis bank, Kotak bank, Yes bank...

First step to start your mutual fund investment. KYC


know-your-client (KYC) norms have been made mandatory for everyone who wishes to invest in mutual fund.   Investors need to submit their KYC acknowledgement along with investment form.   Know your client (KYC) verification is a mandatory requirement for mutual fund investments in India.  KYC essentially is a record of the investor’s identity and address.  If you are new to mutual funds, you must...

Why gold is good investment in india. Buy Gold.


Gold is a precious high-value metal that is liquid in nature. Buying gold is good investment in india.  Every year, Gold consumption increases in india.  Gold price increases day-by-day in india.  Gold is investment and usable property.  Like buying a home, it is dual purpose of investments and utilization. Gold investment can be start with minimum 20,000 rupees.  Gold investment can help in case...

Do not celebrate your 5% SALARY hike. It is not a hike,it is loss.


What is inflation to us and how it impacts your salary hike.  Let us take an simple milk price example. In 2009, you kept 20 rupees in the small pouch of your shopping bag to buy one liter milk. You did not buy a milk and forgot to take out the 20 rupees in that small pouch. In 2019, you see that shopping bag accidently and see that 20 rupees kept in the small pouch. Now go to market and ask 1...

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