May 2018


Family Man & Foodie, Standard Chartered Credit Cards for You.


Standard chartered offers multiple credit cards to suit every person need and spending pattern.  Family man most of the spending in supermarket and department stores, Foodie spends in restaurants and frequent travellers  spend on travel ticket. Standard Chartered offers credit card these customers. Let us explore on Standard Chartered credit cards and its offers. Select the best credit card for...

Scale to measure your financial history. CIBIL Score and You


Before offer you loan or credit card, Bank should know about your financial history and credit worthiness.  CIBIL helps banks to measure the individual’s capability and probability of repaying the loan. CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) is Credit Information Company (CIC) that provides credit related services to its members nationwide. CIBIL has been collecting and...

Credit card for Everyone. How to apply for credit card.


Credit card offers rewards , cashback and discounts to their customers. Moreover India is moving towards cashless economy and encouraged to use digital transactions. So everyone wants to use credit cards. Select your credit card based on your spending pattern. After select the best card for you, visit the credit card site and apply for credit card. In this blog, we would discuss “How to...

Save Money by Selecting Right Credit Card for You.


In India, most of the financial institutions(including banks) offer credit cards to their customers. On top view, it seems that all the credit cards are same. But it is far from truth. Every credit card is introduced with purpose for specific group of customer such as movie lovers, salaried persons, frequent travelers, online shoppers.  We have to select right credit card for our spending pattern...

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